About AUAP

AUAP students laugh and smile as they jump off the steps of Old Main at WWU.

AUAP offers a cultural exchange experience for Japanese students. The program provides opportunities for the Western and Bellingham communities to interact and learn with students from Japan. AUAP supports the curriculum of Asia University (AU) while teaching global perspectives, English language skills, and career preparedness through coursework and providing social activities. Participants include those who major in:

  • International Relations
  • Business
  • Urban Innovation
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Multicultural Communications
  • Multicultural Relations

While completing the program, students work towards graduation by fulfilling AU’s academic requirements. They also gain vital knowledge and skills to help them land a job after they graduate.

Enrollment in the WWU-AUAP is between 15 and 50 students per group. AUAP is divided into two groups: one from late September to mid-February, and the other from late February through late July.