About Asia University America Program (AUAP)

AUAP is designed to support the curriculum of Asia University (AU) while teaching global perspectives, English language skills, and career preparedness through coursework and social activities. Participants include International Relations, Business, Urban Innovation, Law, Economics, Multicultural Communications and Multicultural Relations majors. While completing the program, these students stay on track for graduation by fulfilling AU’s academic requirements. They also pick up vital knowledge and skills to help them land a job after they graduate.

AUAP offers a cultural exchange experience for Japanese students and provides a variety of opportunities for those in the Western and Bellingham communities to interact and learn with students from Japan.

Enrollment in the WWU-AUAP is from 25-95 per group with one group on campus from late September to mid-February, and the other from late February through late July.

Explore WWU-AUAP Unique Programs

Student success is our success. All programming activities, curriculum, services, and support for AUAP focus on student success. We intentionally monitor our work and our training to ensure we capitalize on opportunities to make improvements. This philosophy ensures that AUAP continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs of future AU students.

Intensive English and Exchange Program (IEE)

Participants in the IEE program attend regular Intensive English Program classes for 1.5 quarters, a weekly AUAP-IEE Check-in, WWU classroom exchanges, TOEIC preparation classes, and regular International Peer Advisor meetings.

Program Time & Duration:

September to February 5-month cycle

Intensive English Program (IEP)

WWU’s 6-level IEP offers a pathway for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners to WWU. IEP helps students learn English for business or social purposes, or to prepare students for degree study at WWU. IEP also provides an opportunity for AUAP students to continue their studies at WWU in intensive English immersion or through a Global Pathway Program.

IEP offers small class sizes (no more than 15) with highly experienced faculty who hold Master’s degrees. The program provides ample opportunities for students to improve their spoken and written English through classroom work and interactions with American students, international students and community members. Students live on campus with American roommates and are totally immersed in our language and culture.

​Program Time & Duration:

IEP follows WWu's quarterly schedule, with an average of 10 weeks of classes during fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters.

Asia University Global Program (AUGP)

AUAG Combines 20 hours of intensive career-focused English instruction per week with local business visits, volunteer opportunities, local and regional cultural excursions.

Program Time & Duration:

August each year. Four weeks.

AUAP Honors Program

WWU’s AUAP Honors Program offers participants observation/auditing in a regular WWU class that meets at least 3 hours per week along with a one-hour per week meeting with an AUAP faculty member to discuss their WWU class experiences.

Program Time & Duration:

Spring Quarter and Fall Quarter

AUAP Work Experience Program

Participants experience an inside look into local, regional and global businesses and learn how they engage in urban planning and sustainable development. Participants are matched with a local/regional business to gain practical experience while supported by WWU staff.

Program Time & Duration:

Mid-February to Mid-March each year. Three weeks.