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The History of AUAP

Western Washington University and Asia University of Tokyo, Japan have a history of friendship and cooperation which goes back to the late 1970's. Since 1979, the two institutions have jointly sponsored a number of international educational programs, including faculty exchanges, student exchanges, summer English language institutes, and most recently a large-scale study abroad program for Asia University students.

In 1988, Western and Asia University built on their long-standing relationship by developing a pilot English language and cultural orientation program for Asia University students. This pilot program proved to be so successful that WWU was asked to facilitate the expansion of the program to additional universities in the Pacific Northwest and to coordinate the development of the Asia University America Program (AUAP) Consortium. Since 1988, more than 10,000 Japanese students have come to the Pacific Northwest as part of the AUAP, with about 4,000 (an average of 150 per year) coming to Western.

What is the AUAP?

The WWU-AUAP is an English language and cultural orientation program which has been integrated into the regular curriculum of the four faculties (Business Administration, Business & Hospitality, Economics, International Relations, Multicultural Communications and Law) of Asia University. During their study abroad program, Asia University students earn credit from Asia University and are not enrolled as regular Western students.

The AUAP curriculum emphasizes communicative, interactive, functional, English-through-content instruction. The curriculum includes courses in three main areas: content courses, issue- and theme-based courses, and functional courses. Asia University students are offered twenty hours of instruction per week. The specific courses offered include: Integrated English Skills, Functions of English, American Studies, International Communications/Global Issues, and Career/Business Exploration.

A unique component of the AUAP is the International Peer Advisor Program. In this program, Western students are recruited, hired, and trained to work with AUAP students in the residence halls. Peer Advisors, who are given special intercultural training, facilitate AUAP student orientation, plan activities, advise students about personal problems, assist with medical emergencies, help students understand and adjust to American culture, and facilitate student involvement in campus and community activities

Enrollment in the WWU-AUAP is from 25-95 per group with one group on campus from late September to mid-February, and the other from late February through late July.

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