Adult Groups


Group of adult international students smiling for the camera

Located in Bellingham, Washington, a stunning natural setting between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., Western Washington University has welcomed thousands of learners from around the world to its friendly, safe and beautiful campus.

We believe in the importance of cultural exchange, and offer immersive programming that provides you with the opportunity to both increase your knowledge and socialize with members of our local community. From faculty conducting research exchange with peers, to business men and women advancing their education, to students improving their English language skills, we are excited to help you achieve your goals.

All of Western's custom programs are taught by WWU faculty and local top-quality educators. We offer a wide range of academic study to meet your needs, including:

  • Global issues
  • International communication
  • Teacher training
  • Hospitality Business
  • Environmental science
  • English language
  • American culture

Programs can be created specifically to meet your needs, or we can incorporate your group into one of our existing programs, such as our Intensive English Program.

Please contact us to discuss custom programming for your organization and how Western can help you achieve your goals.