Plan your visit


Group of students smiling, sitting around a long table with a bounty of food

Whether you have traveled abroad before or not, preparing for an international trip can be overwhelming.  Our staff is here to help guide you through each step of the process so you can focus on the things that matter – growing your education and enjoying your exchange experience.

Not sure what program would work for you?  Below are 10 questions to help you identify your custom programming needs.  Please take a moment to review these prior to speaking with an LCP representative so that we may best assist you in the planning process.

  1. What are the primary academic objectives for this program?
  2. What kind of student experience would you like?
  3. Do you have any experience with the Pacific Northwest and its local language?
  4. When would you like for the program to run? Are your dates flexible?
  5. Do you have any preferences on the number of classroom hours per week or program duration?
  6. What is your enrollment goal and classroom size preference?
  7. What is the age range of students attending this program?
  8. Are there any cultural excursions you would like to take?
  9. What is your students' price point?
  10. Does your organization have any international travel deadlines and procedures?

Suggested Timeline:

12-18 months prior to program start

Make your initial contact with Western's Language and Culture Programs staff to begin discussing your custom program.  During these conversations, you will work together to determine your program focus and objectives, and develop a custom programming proposal.

8-10 months prior to program start

Confirm your program details and finalize your program agreement with Western's Language and Culture Programs.

5-8 months prior to program start

Actively market and promote your program with the assistance of LCP support.

3-5 months

Begin student enrollment and finalize logistical details with LCP staff.  Confirm academic program details.

1 month

Complete student enrollment and finalize any remaining program paperwork or travel requirements.