Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners provide a rewarding experience, where all students learn about other cultures while establishing a friendship with someone from another country.

Two students sit in a classroom, deep in conversation.

Interested in being a conversation partner?

How Conversation Partners Works

International students in IPE are matched with current Western students. You are expected to meet throughout the quarter, practice conversational English, and have fun with your IEP match. You can meet on or off campus anytime during the quarter for a minimum of six hours, and can participate in a wide variety of activities.

Apply to be a Conversation Partner

The quarterly application is due on the first Friday of each quarter. Please plan on attending the Conversation Partner Orientation during the second week of the quarter for which you applied.

Western students can complete the Conversation Partners online form. IEP Students who wish to have a Partner, can visit the IEP office the first week of the quarter. We will do our best to match you with a student who shares your interests that you list on the application. 

Once you submit the application form, we will respond to confirm your request was received. If you have questions, please email us: