We recommend that you reach out to creative@wwu.edu. We will help connect you with next steps, often after asking you a few questions.

It depends on the project, with size being the biggest factor. Writing a press release or content for a social media post might be relatively fast processes, whereas developing the content, graphic elements and photos for a brochure, along with the turnaround time to print and score the brochure, could take weeks or even months. OCE Marketing will work closely with you to ensure that projects have enough lead time to be delivered on the date needed.

No. OCE Marketing will help clients and programs by promoting general awareness, providing digital and print collaterals, and/or creating content and employing inbound marketing strategies. Recruitment is defined as any activities in which the client or program targets specific groups or audiences (i.e., networking events, mailing list purchases, fair or convention attendance, etc.) in order to generate leads. This work is carried out by the client, although OCE Marketing is happy to consult and will gladly produce any ads or print pieces for the client in support of their recruitment activities (highly recommended).

If your program has a site that is maintained by OCE Marketing, talk to the marketing manager about the Google Data Studio report(s) available for your program(s). These reports can give you information about the users that visit your website and how effective your website content is. OCE Marketing can also work with you to dig deeper and identify other patterns and narratives in the analytics that can help tell the story of how users are engaging with your content.

You can learn even more about the effectiveness of a website by setting up goals within Google Analytics. Once you know what you want to measure (usually a sequence of pages or actions that you want your audience to complete, ending with an action such as registration), OCE Marketing can help you set up goals in Google Analytics that will measure the effectiveness of your site in conjunction with marketing initiatives and campaigns.

Promotional items are things like pens, lanyards, t-shirts, stickers, etc. They are typically intended for the widest of audiences, and are used to promote general awareness of either Western or OCE. Marketing collateral refers to anything that is used to target a specific audience about the value of a particular program or department. Marketing collateral is usually a print piece, such as a brochure or postcard.

Everything you need to know about Western’s brand and brand positioning can be found on Western's design system site.