Working with OCE Marketing

It Starts with the Client

OCE Marketing works closely with clients and programs partners to identify target audiences and position offerings accordingly in market. This is a highly collaborative process, in which clients and other stakeholders provide OCE Marketing account managers with detailed enrollment plans, and OCE Marketing develops custom marketing plans. Together, these plans lay the foundation for program success.

Enrollment v. Marketing

As the experts in their respective fields, clients and program stakeholders are expected to be able to articulate who their target audiences are, what their programmatic goals are and what their plans are for program success. As experts in marketing, OCE Marketing is expected to help clients refine their target audiences and research the most effective ways to connect those audiences to the programs of best fit. It's also OCE Marketing's job to take clients goals and develop a strategy to best report out the effectiveness of marketing initiatives in support of those goals.

How We Work with You

We standardize and automate when it makes sense, and provide custom, tailored services when the need arises. Here are the ways that we work with clients to achieve results.

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Client Discovery

Each client has specific marketing goals. We work with clients to build common understanding around what goals make sense with a given budget, which audience(s) should be targeted, and what key performance indicators (KPIs) should be captured and measured to mark progress.

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Marketing Strategy Development

Once we know our clients' stories and goals, we develop marketing plans to meet the established goals. We focus on general awareness while helping our clients build strategies around outreach and recruitment.

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Marketing Initiatives and Campaigns

We excel at designing and implementing measurable, multi-channel campaigns tailored to reach our clients' target audiences. 

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Analysis and Reporting

Special attention is given to make sure the right KPIs are chosen to best measure return on marketing investment. As we measure and analyze the results of campaigns, we look for ways to magnify messages and maximize return on investment (ROI), pursuing every realistic opportunity available for growth. We deliver our analysis in thoughtful, engaging reports.

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Web Traffic Analysis and User Engagement

We use data to make informed decisions that motivate increased user engagement. We correlate our analytics reporting with clients’ marketing goals.

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Clarify and Refocus Strategy

We continually monitor the progress of marketing strategies and maintain flexibility when it comes to shifting efforts to maximize returns, as long as it aligns with clients' objectives and goals. We are growth-oriented and focused on the future.