Need-based Scholarships for Credit-based Certificate Programs

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Two decades into the 21st Century, new  patterns of work  require people to continually evaluate their education in order to determine how best to progress in their careers, or pursue more rewarding opportunities. While the economic premium of a bachelor’s or graduate degree remains substantial (NCES, The Condition of Education, 2020), many working adults decide that a short-term certificate program fits their needs for upskilling or reskilling more effectively. However, the cost of these certificate programs may still be prohibitive for individuals, especially as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to been seen in the workforce. 

In line with Western’s mission to advance inclusive success and support the upward mobility of Washington citizens, Outreach and Continuing Education is offering Washingtonians 10 need-based scholarships for Western credit-based certificate programs up to an amount of $500 per person. 

Inquire about the scholarship by contacting OCE.