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Flexible start dates: Fall, Winter or Spring


3 Fri. afternoons each quarter

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3 courses




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Dates and Times

The certificate is earned by completing the 3 required courses across 3 quarters. Participants may start during Fall, Winter or Spring quarters. Courses do not need to be completed in sequential order.

Winter course dates/times: In-person sessions and online coursework. Jan. 22-Feb. 5, 2021. In-person sessions meet Fridays, Jan. 22, 29 and Feb. 5, 2021, 1-6 p.m. at Everett University Center.

Spring course dates/times: In-person sessions and online coursework. Apr. 9-23, 2021. In-person sessions meet Fridays, Apr. 9, 16 and 23, 1-6 p.m. at Everett University Center.

Fall course dates/times: In-person sessions and online coursework, TBD.

Price includes 2 CEUs per course. Optional 2 undergraduate credits per course - cost $101/per course.

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Reinvent Your Career

Join us for a three-part Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Program, or engage one course at a time. These courses provide a platform for answering some of the most pressing and emergent opportunities.

You'll Learn

Fall: Unleashing Creativity: Designing for Innovation and Meaningful Participation

How might you lead your teams meaningfully in a way that increases creativity, engagement, productivity, well-being and job satisfaction? Learn the cutting edge entrepreneurial leadership skills of Human Centered Design and Design Thinking and Facilitating to supercharge your team collaboration, creativity, ideation and productivity. 

DAY ONE: Intro to Innovation and Leadership
DAY TWO: Intro to Design Thinking and Human Centered Design
DAY THREE: Taking it home: Designing for Impact in Your Specific Context

Introducing practical tools to:

  • Develop Human Centered Design and Design Thinking skills to uncover deeper insights and feedback from customers and stakeholders by observing, connecting and interviewing.
  • Collaborate to clarify problems, ideate, early stage prototyping and testing of ideas.
  • Build awareness of yourself as it relates to entrepreneurial leadership and innovation.
  • Inspire and connect with your team and their amazing creative capacity to foster an innovation culture that delivers meaningful results while increasing team well-being.

Winter: Business Modelling: Entrepreneurial Designers and Facilitators

How might you engage your teams for incremental and large scale development of your business or business unit? Advance your critical entrepreneurial leadership facilitation and design skills to collaboratively engage your team in business model/unit improvement while simultaneously keeping close tabs on team well-being. Apply new business modeling techniques and tips to develop your ability to collaboratively design, facilitate and understand business optimization.  

DAY ONE: Designing and Structuring Innovation into your Organization
DAY TWO: Designing in Flexibility to Innovate within your Business Model
DAY THREE: Taking it home: Designing for Your Specific Context

Introducing practical tools to:

  • Apply Design Thinking and Human Centered Design to Business Modelling.
  • Facilitate and engage your teams by design.
  • Design for quick testing, prototyping and feedback.
  • Create sustainable, scalable structures that invite innovation and participation.

Spring: Change Leadership: Innovation and Modelling Collaborative Change

How might you effectively lead change with the mindset and skills of an entrepreneur and innovator? From existing businesses to startups that are both large and small, “change management” campaigns often fail as they are drafted from a top-down perspective, leaving the immense untapped potential of employees on the table. In these sessions, we explore how we might design for continuous change in ways that engage the wisdom of the organization and build alignment among stakeholders all while increasing overall well-being for you and your teams.
Greater innovation comes from creating a cadence and a culture that helps to infuse life to creativity.

DAY ONE: You as an innovative/entrepreneurial Leader of Change
DAY TWO: Introducing, Testing, Launching and Dialing-In Ideas... Over and Over Again
DAY THREE: Taking it home: Designing for Your Specific Context

Introducing practical tools to:

  • Ignite innovation through engagement by design.
  • Develop a culture of recognizing and celebrating “failure” as learning.
  • Communicate about and align for change with critical stakeholders.
  • Create a cadence/habit and practice of iterative rapid idea development, prototyping, testing and implementation.
  • Pull together design thinking, human centered design, business modelling and change management for maximum impact and well-being.

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Meet Your Instructor

art sherwood photo, photo of the instructor smiling into the camera

Art Sherwood, David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship, College of Business and Economics

Dr. Sherwood is the director of Western’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, an Affiliated Faculty of the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop on Political Theory and Political Theory and Policy Analysis, and co-founder of the Cooperative Business Research Institute.

Having completed his graduate work at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business with a research focus on cooperative alliances, he now seeks to better understand co-operative entrepreneurship, governance and leadership. His current research also focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems and programs that increase access for non-traditional participants. In addition to his academic work, his is an experienced entrepreneur and a member-owner of CDS Consulting Co-op through which he advises and teaches co-operative leaders throughout the United States. Learn more about Dr. S’ Liberating Structures Bellingham.

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