Study in Bellingham

Bellingham is a safe and welcoming place to learn and study. It's a small city with a friendly local community. It's also near bigger cities with tourist attractions (like the very first Starbucks in Seattle) and large cultural events.

Bellingham is in an area of the United States called the Pacific Northwest. The weather  is typically temperate–between 40º and 80º year round.

There are many opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration near Bellingham. Students enjoy hiking, bicycling, and water sports in the spring and summer. Many love to visit nearby Mount Baker in the winter for snow sports like skiing or snowboarding. If outdoor activities are not for you, there are plenty of wonderful cafes and shops in town to explore.

Western is not only a place you attend class, but a community where you have the chance to make friends, attend events or join one of WWU’s over 200 different student clubs and organizations. Whatever you enjoy, there is a club for you! At Western, everyone is a “Viking” and invited to participate in the community.