Financial Aid

Current Students who wish to apply for summer financial aid must complete an online application. It is available via Web4U beginning in April.

Further information can be found on the Financial Aid Services Center website. .

Student Accounts

Financial Aid is applied directly to a student's account and pays charges posted to the account at that time. Any excessive funds will result in a credit balance refund. Students must establish their direct deposit refund preference to receive a prompt refund. Students who incur additional registration charges after financial aid has been applied to their account are responsible for paying the additional charges by the tuition due date.

It is important to check your student account online via myWestern or with the Student Business Office if you add courses after the date on your account statement, or after financial aid has been disbursed, to determine if additional payment is required. If changes to your schedule result in additional charges, payment is due immediately.

2020 Summer Session Scholarship

 The scholarship application is now closed. Please check back next year.

Emergency Loans

For more information about emergency loans, contact the Financial Aid Department.

Student Emergency Fund 

The Western Foundation has established a Student Emergency Fund to provide relief for students who are experiencing food and housing insecurity, those whose families are confronting job loss or illness, and for those who are hungry and unable to afford even basic necessities. This reserve is a financial lifeline for our students in crisis and will help to ensure that their needs are met and that they are able to remain at Western. We appreciate any support you can provide.