Self-Paced Timeline & Schedule

Self-Paced courses are set-up to be completed within 10-12 weeks just like the academic quarter. Generally, the minimum time allowed to complete any Self-Paced course is seven weeks from the time the first lesson is received by the instructor. The seven week minimum does not apply to courses with lessons numbering six or less.

Although Self-Paced students have as long as six months to complete their course work, students who are graduating before the end of the six months must finish their course by the end of the quarter of graduation. Students who use a Self-Paced course to qualify for financial aid must complete the course within the quarter that aid was received.

Enrollment in only Self-Paced courses may qualify as continuing enrollment for WWU students who take one quarter off during the academic year.  The course will count for one academic quarter only and students must maintain an active registration on every quarter, with the exception of summer, to maintain matriculated status.

It takes time to process lessons and exams, get them graded, mailed back and forth from student to instructor, especially during the summer months. It is the student’s responsibility to plan ahead and ensure that required deadlines are met.

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