Viking Launch

Viking Launch is designed to provide incoming freshmen a strong, focused start-up to college life at Western. Research demonstrates that freshmen are most apt to succeed when they are socially and academically integrated within a campus community, when they are prepared and ready for their courses, and when they attend classes with an eye to their future goals and plans. Viking Launch is designed to help students successfully achieve these advantages before fall classes begin. Viking Launch students must select a room in either Fairhaven Residence Complex or Ridgeway Kappa in order to participate in the program, as these two halls open early specifically for Viking Launch. This will be a permanent assignment for the 2020/2021 academic year.

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At Viking Launch, You Will:

  • Complete a 2-credit First Year Experience course
  • Move into Fairhaven Residence Hall or Ridgeway Kappa Residence Hall a week early
  • Participate in activities with fellow Viking Launch students
  • Learn to navigate your way around campus before fall classes begin
  • Learn about various valuable university services available to you
  • Group of Viking Launch students stand outside watching a presentation on recycling
  • A group of students sit on the grass lawn sorting seeds into bins.
  • a group of Viking Launch pre-college students stand smiling posed in front of iconic Mt Baker near Bellingham WA
  • a Group of Viking Launch students in muck boots lean over an instructor as he marks off a square of tidelands for greater inspection.
  • Two Viking Launch students stand near the back of the boat with a netting system rigged up to a downrigger.
Viking Launch Program Details


This program is open to all incoming WWU Freshmen that will be living on-campus and willing to live in Fairhaven Residence Complex or Ridgeway Kappa. This program does not replace the need for incoming freshmen to attend one of the Fall Advising & Orientation sessions (August sessions or September).


September 13-18, 2020


Western Washington University (Classes are throughout campus, housing choices are Fairhaven Residence Complex or Ridgeway Kappa)​


$500 per student.

Includes: Extra week of on-campus housing, dining for the week (breakfast/lunch/dinner starting with dinner on 9/13 and ending with dinner on 9/19).

Does not include individual course fees (varies by course: $0-$90, see course descriptions). These will be applied to your account in the fall.

Testimonials from Viking Launch participants

“Viking Launch was such a great experience and I would highly recommend it to incoming students because it's so nice getting to meet people early rather than struggle to meet people your first week of school.”

“I met so many great people during that week that I had no fears as I started the academic year. We all felt so much better prepared than those who did not participate.”

“This program was super useful getting settled into school and to learn the campus. Also getting two credits out of a week was amazing.”

“I found Viking Launch to be extremely beneficial, especially because I am an out-of-state student. By choosing to attend this early-start program, I was able to familiarize myself with the foreign campus and city. I made friends with people who have similar interests and I learned a lot in my class. Being so far away from home is scary and I didn't know anyone before coming here, so the program really helped me to push forward and meet people; whereas, if I had waited until regular start, I may have been too scared or overwhelmed to take that leap.”

“Viking Launch really helped me settle into Western because we got to move in early and see the campus before everyone else did. It felt really personal, and now going into my first quarter, I have amazing friends and a familiarity with Western overall.”

For information on other early-start programs and orientation events for incoming first-year students, please follow the link to the First-Year Orientation and Programs page. ​​​​​​

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