Degree Program Resources

Staff Resources for Degree Programs

Non-Matriculated Student Registration Forms

Registration for non-matriculated students opens during Phase II of registration.  Registrar's Office - Important Dates and Deadlines

Departmental approval is required.

Check SOAHOLD in Banner to make sure the student does not have any registration holds.

Make sure student has met the measles requirement. Check PPACERT in Banner to be sure the student has had two shots, meets the age requirement or has a waiver. SOAHOLD will not necessarily have a registration hold for non-matriculated students. More information about the measles requirement is available at the Student Health Center website

It is up to the Program to contact the student once registration is complete and provide Western Identification, course schedule, account creation directions, tuition payment information and grade access.

Schedule Adjustments and Cross-Site Registration

Use this web-form for all registered students to add or withdraw from courses after Web4U is closed or for students wishing to register for a course that is not at the site they are admitted to.
Additional routing for Cross-Site Registration may be required per department policies.

School Withdrawal from all Classes

Use this web-form for students who are requesting to withdraw from all of their courses for the quarter.

Student Site Transfer Form

Use this web-form for students who are requesting to permanently move from the site they are admitted at to another site.

Directed Independent Study Registration Permit

Use this web-form to route approvals and set-up a directed independent study contract.

Major/Minor/Certificate Declarations and Changes

Undergraduate students are to initiate the Student Academic Declaration & Change Form, which is then to be reviewed and approved by the department in which they wish to declare. All instructions for this process are included on the esign form. Departments should be alerted to the fact that students will be routing the esign form to general department email accounts. It is important to ensure that staff are checking general department email accounts for the new esign form.

Degree Application Forms

Forms to assist Extension students to apply or reapply for their degree may be found on the Degree Application page on the Registrar's website, within the Forms section.

Degree Program Course Set-up

Use this web-form to route approvals for annual or quarterly course set-up.

Degree Program Class Schedule Changes and Corrections Form

Use this web-form to route approvals for changes to courses that are already set-up.