Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Earn a Certificate in Supporting English Language Learners


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The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate in Supporting English Language Learners provides students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of second language learning and English language teaching methodologies and strategies.

The certificate program curriculum includes a seminar to explore professional opportunities in TESOL and an opportunity to engage in a community-based practice experience in a volunteer setting supporting English language learners.

Why Consider a TESOL Certificate?


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Students interested in working with English language learners–ranging from youth to adult, can participate in this program to develop skills to support individuals–both domestically and internationally–in learning English. The community focus of this program engages students in thinking about TESOL as a way to outreach to diverse populations and to embed practical strategies for working with language learners into their selected program of study.

How are TESOL Courses Delivered?

All TESOL courses are offered online, with some courses available face-to-face in Bellingham at Western's main campus.

The course learning objectives for both modalities are the same. Students are expected to complete approximately 30 hours of work total for each credit across their enrollment in the course. For online courses, a combination of synchronous meetings, asynchronous activities, recorded lectures and/or discussions take the place of face-to-face activities.

See Western's ClassFinder for the current list of offerings.