Bring a Friend to AEP

Bring a friend and save money! If you apply to the AEP with one or more friends, you will ALL receive a 10% tuition discount!

Lower your costs and share the wonderful experience of studying English while living in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. Look for the "Bring a Friend" section in the application.

Offer Details

If you apply with one or more friends who are accepted into the AEP, you will each receive a 10% tuition discount for the first quarter you study together.

  • You and your friend(s) must be enrolled in AEP at the same time.
  • This offer is not available to agency-paid or university/government sponsored students.
  • Your name must be on the application form of your friend(s).
  • This discount only applies to AEP tuition.
  • This discount only applies for the first quarter you study with your friend(s).

For any questions email us at