Tuition and Scholarships

Program Cost Information

AEP Tuition and Fees 2024 - 2025
Cost Breakdown Amount
Tuition $3,440
Student Fees* $796
Medical Insurance $446
Housing/Dining** $3,150
Personal Costs** $840
Total $8,672

*Quarterly on-campus student fees include: bus pass, Recreation Center (gym), Student Health Center, library, computer labs, etc. Textbook costs are not included.

**Not fixed costs; varies depending on student. Housing expenses can be more than this number depending on room type available, residential area and meal plan. Students are responsible for their own personal and miscellaneous expenses, which can vary.

WWU Payment Information

IEP charges a one-time non refundable registration fee of $75. This is due before sending your I-20 and registering for classes. 

You will need a student ID number and your last name to make online payments for tuition, fees, and housing. This payment is due after the quarter begins. Credit or debit card payments can be made online through the Student Business Office (SBO). You will be charged a 2.75% fee. E-checks (using a U.S. bank account) have no charge. Electronic wire transfers of international currency can be made online via Western Union Business Solutions. You will need your home country banking information to pay through Western Union.

For additional payment information, please contact the SBO. Note: a $150 Sponsored Student Fee will apply for students whose tuition is invoiced to a third party agency or sponsor. Additional documentation, such as grade reports, completion certificates, etc. may also be provided to the sponsor upon request.

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Refund Information

If you request a refund, 50% of the tuition balance will be refunded on or before the 10th of the month immediately following the start of the quarter. No tuition refunds will be given after this date.